Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment For Jefferson City

stop a toothache in Jefferson City with root canal therapyDo you have a toothache that is bothering you? Is your toothache causing you to have sleep apnea? Does your toothache prevent you from being able to eat properly? Sometimes the cause of a toothache is that your teeth have a problem that requires root canals.

Teeth are very unique structures within the human body because the blood supply and immune system only have very limited access to the tissue inside of the tooth. Because blood vessels have limited access into the tooth, the immune system can’t effectively stop bacterial infections. Once the tissue inside the tooth dies, it becomes a food source for bacteria. The bacteria and dead tissue leak out of the root and create an abscess. The abscess is often the cause of your toothache. Antibiotics treat the infection but the infected tooth will never get better. The abscess eventually destroys the bone around the tooth and it becomes loose and comes out.

Root canal therapy can save the tooth. When a root canal is performed at our Jefferson City dentist location, the dead tissue inside the infected tooth is removed and the inside of the tooth is filled with tooth colored, non-metal filling to prevent any further infection.

Causes of Infection

There are several ways the inside tissue of a tooth can become infected. The most common way is from tooth decay. Bacteria cause cavities, and when the cavity gets deep enough, bacteria is able to get into the pulp chamber of the tooth, the pulp gets infected with the bacteria and then tissue starts dying. Root canals are the preferred treatment when this happens.

stop tooth pain with root canals Jefferson City dentist California MOTrauma or injury is another way a tooth can get infected in our Russellville MO patients. Trauma includes cavities, biting on something hard or sharp, being bitten by something, cracks or fractures, and even dental work. When a tooth is injured it gets inflamed, otherwise known as a toothache. When swelling is severe, the blood can get cut off from the internal tooth tissue and the tissue will die. It is important to detect cavities early because the deeper the cavity, the deeper our dentist has to go to remove the decay and that causes trauma to the tooth.


Once root canals are completed, the tooth is crowned because it is very weak after being hollowed and cleaned out. After a root canal treatment, dental crowns are placed over the tooth and protects them from fracturing.

Tooth Pain? Find Out if You Need a Root Canal in Jefferson City

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