5 Cavity Basics

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Preventing tooth decay is one of the main reasons people come to us, at Jefferson City Dental Care in Jefferson City.

In this blog post, we’ll describe five things you should know about cavities.

  1. The word “cavities” refers to tooth decay. They happen when certain bacteria produce acids that destroy a tooth’s hard surface, called enamel, and the underlying dentin.
  2. Factors that contribute to cavities include poor flossing and brushing habits, consuming too much sugar, and between-meal eating without cleaning.
  3. Symptoms of tooth decay include tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold foot and beverages, and pain while chewing.
  4. Cavities are most common among children, but adults can get them too.
  5. Tooth decay is preventable. Be sure to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once, eat right, avoid frequent snacking, and have regular dental checkups.

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