Common Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Common Myths about Jefferson City Family Cosmetic Dentistry

Myths and tall tales about cosmetic dentistry abound. The team at Jefferson City Dental Care would like to discuss some of those myths. We have heard almost all of them. Myth #1: Cosmetic Dentistry is Never Necessary for a Healthy Smile Many of the procedures that an aesthetic dentist would perform, including many cosmetic dental procedures, are…

5 Reasons To Choose Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you’re smiling with your mouth closed in your pictures, that means you’re not really happy with your smile. You might think the days of a toothy grin are past – but think again. Check out at these 5 great reasons to communicate with Jefferson City Dental Care about cosmetic dentistry procedures. 1. A little cosmetic…

Missing Pieces In The Mouth?

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A 500-piece Eiffel Tower puzzle is still easy to recognize with 32 pieces missing. But, a 32-piece dental puzzle is just not complete without ALL of the pieces. At Jefferson City Dental Care, we want to help you complete your dental puzzle. If you’re missing teeth, cutting your mouth on broken edges, or struggling with eating because of your…

An Ugly Duckling In Your Mouth?

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Cosmetic Denistry in Jefferson City

Do you have a damaged tooth that causes you embarrassment? Even if all of your other teeth are nicely shaped and pearly white, guess what other people notice? Yep, the ugly duckling. You have probably experienced that yourself when you have looked at a smile that contains one discolored tooth. No matter how hard you…

Inlays/Onlays: Less Invasive Than Complete Crowns

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Jefferson City Dental Care offers excellent restorative dental care. The field of restorative dentistry has come a long way over the years.There are now several effective ways to repair decayed teeth. Let’s discuss  two similar types of restorations: dental inlays and onlays. Sometimes, our team can perform an inlay or an onlay instead of a…

Adequate Results vs. Incredible Results

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Jefferson City Teeth Bleaching

A cosmetic surgeon has specialized schooling in addition to the training a general surgeon completes. Likewise, a cosmetic dentist has completed rigorous courses in addition to dental school. Our team at Jefferson City Dental Care has had extensive training in cosmetic smile enhancements. Teeth whitening, crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding are some of the common…

How Bright Can You Shine?

Affordable Jefferson City Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want brighter, whiter teeth, look no further than Jefferson City Dental Care.  Teeth dull as the years go by, but foods, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth at any age. OTC tooth whitening products like kits, strips, or toothpaste may slightly lighten stains, but for a truly remarkable smile, see the amazing team at…

4 Smile Boosters

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At Jefferson City Dental Care in the Jefferson City, Missouri area, we can help you improve your smile. We create beautiful smiles for you by improving how your teeth and gums look. Years of study in aesthetic dentistry help our cosmetic dentist blend art with the latest cutting edge technology and materials to give you a beautiful Hollywood…

Beautiful Teeth Without Breaking The Bank

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At Jefferson City Dental Care in Jefferson City, our smile makeover patients believe that life-changing cosmetic dentistry is a valuable investment. Indeed, you can’t measure in dollars the value of a healthy, attractive smile. Do you have to spend thousands of dollars to improve your smile? Actually, no. Today’s post focuses on a cost-effective cosmetic…

Mini Implants May Be Right For You

Though they are not as well known as traditional dental implants, mini implants, sometimes called “immediate implants,”are also being used successfully in the Jefferson City, Missouri area to improve smiles. Implants are popular because they provide a natural, lasting smile, allowing you to live and eat more freely. At Jefferson City Dental Care in the Jefferson City, Missouri area we…