Does My Dentist Care About My Diet?

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When people in the Jefferson City area think of diet and oral health, they often think about the damage sweet drinks can cause to teeth. While it’s true that these harmful sugars cause increased acidity in the mouth and lead to tooth decay, soda and sugary-fruit drinks are only part of the trouble. The typical…

Let Us Ease Your Dental Anxiety

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Are you worried about seeing the dentist? Are you confused about discussing your smile? Settling into the reality of what you are prepared to discuss with your dentist is the first step to relief. 1. Talk To Us: Whether you want to have prepless veneers or teeth whitening done, call now to schedule a consultation.…

Relax. Your Teeth Will Thank You.

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Most adults have been warned about the physical effects of stress. Our doctors remind us to protect ourselves from the dangers of unmanaged stress by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. We know that we shouldn’t try to relieve stress with overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, or compulsive spending. (Even though many of…

Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implant

Attention Jefferson City Replace Your Dental Bridge Before You Lose Teeth

Hello Jefferson City visitors, welcome to Jefferson City Dental Care. Let’s talk about a tooth replacement option common in Jefferson City: dental bridges. While dental bridges have restored smiles for thousands of Jefferson City dental patients, they are not problem free. Many Missouri people with dental bridges find it impossible to keep the small areas…