Does Your Dentist Conjure Up Cavities?

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Cavities can be filled, but it is better to prevent cavities in the first place. If your dentist seems to conjure up cavities at every visit, then it’s up to you to break the cycle. But we are here to help you. Let’s work together. How can you lift the cavity curse? Schedule a preventative…

Toothbrush Tantrums: When Your Child Won’t Brush

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Your child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are just as vital to their health, speech development, and self-esteem as their permanent teeth. Some Jefferson City parents we meet at Jefferson City Dental Care hold the misconception that the care of primary teeth is secondary to adult teeth, since they will eventually fall out. The truth…

Foaming At The Mouth: Are You Brushing Right?

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In today’s family dentistry post, let’s consider some details about brushing. One key to activating the value of toothpastes is creating foam when thoroughly brushing. Working up a good foam is brought about by pre-wetting the toothbrush, then attacking at a 45 rather than 90 degree angle. The foaming assists in dislodging food debris from…