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We treat all of our patients royally here at Jefferson City Dental Care in Jefferson City, but some of them receive actual crowns. Not what a king or queen wears, of course, but crowns for their teeth!

Crowns are sometimes called caps, and they’re placed over a tooth to restore its shape and strength, and to improve its overall appearance. They are useful for a many problems:

  • They can protect a weak tooth from decay, breaking, or to hold together a cracked tooth.
  • They provide cover and durability to a tooth with a large filling and little tooth structure remaining.
  • They can help restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down.
  • They can improve a tooth that is too small or misshapen.
  • They help cover a tooth with acute discoloration.
  • They reinforce teeth following a root canal procedure.

There are different kinds of crowns that serve different purposes. We carry out an extensive examination to ensure the crown you get is perfect for you and your smile.

Once they are placed, crowns can last many years. They are great way to guard and enhance your smile. At Jefferson City Dental Care in Jefferson City, dental crowns are among our restorative dentistry procedures. Patients from Wardsville, Russellville, and Linn also come to us for a full range of general dentistry. Contact us today!

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