Small Dental Annoyance Or Serious Problem?

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Today in the Jefferson City dental blog we are going to talk about stomatitis. Stomatitis is dental-speak for something very common: non-specific irritations found in the mouth. Stomatitis is ordinarily caused by cold sores, gum disease, or even from biting the inside of the mouth (ouch!). Any time the membranes in the mouth become inflamed,…

A New Reason To Eat More Fish In Jefferson City

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Hello Jefferson City dental blog visitors, and welcome to the Jefferson City Dental Care blog. I am Dr. Justin Johnson.

I came across an interesting dental article on the Web MD Health News site the other day. The article is entitled ‘Fatty Fish, Nuts May Prevent Gum Disease.’ Author Jennifer Warner explains that a recent study links diets high in polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) with a lower risk of periodontitis.