We Take The Trauma Out Of Dental Trauma

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At Jefferson City Dental Care, we encounter many nervous dental patients. ‘Nervous’ is an understatement in some cases –  especially patients who are having a dental emergency.

Patients who come in with a tooth injury are already experiencing pain. If they have dental anxiety or dental phobia in addition to the injury, the experience can be downright terrifying.

We Understand Dental Anxiety

We understand. As an emergency dental clinic, our practice specializes in putting patients at ease. We use different types of dental sedation to help nervous patients with a dental emergency.

We practice gentle, pain-free dentistry. Dental treatment will not begin until you are numb.

We Will Ease Your Pain Quickly, Then Proceed At Your Pace

Speak up ASAP if you have a problem. We will pause treatment, administer an additional analgesic and wait until it takes effect.

At Jefferson City Dental Care, we never rush your dental procedure.

We provide many in-office amenities at Jefferson City Dental Care which help our dental patients focus on something pleasant during dental treatment.

Not every dental patient chooses sleep dentistry. Sometimes chemical-free diversions such as listening to your favorite music provide a distraction while allowing you to remain clear-headed.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting professional treatment for your dental emergency. At Jefferson City Dental Care, we understand dental anxiety and will help you through your treatment.

We treat dental trauma without leaving you traumatized.



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