Innovative Implants For Confident Smiles

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Many individuals have experienced an increase in self-confidence with dental implant treatment at Jefferson City Dental Care in Jefferson City.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping individuals dramatically improve their smile and overall self-assurance.

We Offer The Latest Implant Options

We deliver the latest dental implants to correct dental problems and restore teeth. In addition to implants, we provide many other dental services.

We work with patients to create personalized treatment plans. We can tailor a treatment plan to fit your budget.

How Do Missing Teeth Affect Your Life?

Missing teeth can impair your ability to speak and eat. Extensive tooth loss can make it difficult to eat a healthy diet. Dental implants can relieve pain, correct bite issues, and improve function.

While dentures are preferable to a completely toothless mouth, they can cause almost as many oral problems as they solve. Many denture wearers limit social activity because they are afraid their dentures will move around in their mouth. Dentures can also irritate gums and lead to painful sores. And they can make it hard to taste food. That’s no way to live!

Let us explain why teeth implants are superior to conventional dentures in every way.

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