Should You Pull a Loose Baby Tooth?

should you pull a loose baby tooth Jefferson City

Losing baby teeth is a necessary part of a child’s development. For some children, it’s no big deal. A tooth feels loose. They wiggle it around with their finger for a few days. Then it falls out on its own. There is very little pain. And very little blood.

Then your youngster has a charming gap-toothed smile for a while.

What if the tooth doesn’t fall out?

In some cases, however, things don’t go as expected. The tooth won’t come out after a week of wiggling. It hurts so much your son or daughter can’t sleep.

What if the timing seems strange? Maybe a molar becomes loose before one of the front teeth.

If you experience this situation, Dr. Justin Johnson cautions against forcefully pulling out the tooth.

What do pediatric dentists want parents to know when a baby tooth won’t fall out?

  • If a loose tooth won’t fall out on its own, make an appointment for a quick examination.
  • Don’t practice DIY dentistry. No strings on doorknobs. No pliers in kids’ mouths.
  • If a tooth doesn’t fall out on its own, it might not be loose because the permanent tooth is pushing it out.
  • A loose tooth that doesn’t fall out on its own is in jeopardy of infection.

Teeth generally fall out in the sequence they emerged. Your pediatric dentist can show you an eruption chart at your child’s next check-up.

Have your pediatric dentist examine your youngster’s teeth at least twice a year, even if you don’t suspect there are any problems.

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